Wedding Photographer Macclesfield

The wedding season is definitely upon us and I’m starting on Friday as a Wedding Photographer Macclesfield in actual fact the wedding service is in Kettleshulme with the reception at Shrigley Hall. I have worked at Shrigley Hall on a number of occasions and am looking forward to seeing the grounds and the gardens at the beginning of Spring.

It’s always nice working close to home as a Macclesfield Wedding Photographer and the distance between the service and the reception is only around 5 miles which leaves more time to spend with the happy couple for those intimate shots.

As a Wedding Photographer in Macclesfield I’m often asked how do I get my wedding bookings and I’m very fortunate that the majority of my enquiries come through recommendations and referrals. I’m constantly asked to advertise at wedding fayres but as of yet I haven’t needed to bother and by the look of the diary this year, I wouldn’t have the time!

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