Looking For A Wedding Photographer in Prestbury

If you’re planning your big day and looking for a wedding photographer in Prestbury, look no further than Sandi Johnson.  She creates fabulous modern, informal photographs that fit your wedding theme and show the true personality of the day.

In Prestbury, a wedding photographer isn’t as hard to find as you may have thought. Although based in Macclesfield, Sandi is happy to travel to wedding venues across England and Wales. Her passion for photography means she is always seeking out new locations … and ways to see old locations in new ways. You can be assured of unique, breath-taking wedding photographs, wherever you tie the knot.

It’s your big day, don’t let your wedding photographer ruin it! Some wedding photographers have their way of doing it, and they stick to it. Their technique may be excellent, but there is something missing. Sometimes you can’t put your finger on what’s missing, but when you take a look at their portfolios, you’ll see that every wedding looks the same. Don’t you want your wedding photos to be different? You want to look back on photos of this day and have them jog your memory about all the little things that made it so fantastic – Sandi Johnson can do this for you. Whether you want cute pictures of flower girls, sensual pictures of a bride against a stormy sky, or take-you-breath-away images of a bank of best men, Sandi will capture the best of your day, so that you can forever look back fondly.

Wouldn’t you like to receive a wedding album that transports you back to your big day? People have things like this to say about Sandi’s photographs:  “The photographs are fantastic! We are all so delighted with them!” Find the best wedding photographer in Prestbury here.

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