Stockport Wedding Photographer

Just taken another booking for next year as a Stockport Wedding Photographer the wedding reception is at The Deanwater Hotel in Handforth, a venue I’ve covered on several occasions, which has some interesting areas to capture some intimate shots of the bride and groom.

This weekend I’m working as a Wedding Photographer not in Stockport but in Southampton, well Silchester to be exact I stayed over last night and am just getting prepared for today’s shoot. I always like to visit the church and venue beforehand wherever the wedding is, this allows me to work our locations,backdrops etc so I have a clear idea how and where I’m going to work.

Wether I’m working as a Stockport Wedding Photographer or anywhere else I adopt the working practice I have used within my Fashion career, ideally I will never arrive at a job without a clear idea on how I’m going to shoot my subject matter, with this in mind I always look to meet with my wedding clients to discuss what they are looking for and hopefully ensure I capture and tell the story of their day.

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