Mottram Hall Wedding Photographer

"Mottram Hall Wedding PhotographerThe Phone has just rung with an enquiry for a Mottram Hall Wedding Photographer the wedding will take place next year, there seems to be an increasing amount of my wedding enquiries are choosing stately homes/ halls as reception venues and being that I’m based in the heart of Cheshire it’s perfect for me.

Wether I’m a Wedding Photographer at Mottram Hall or anywhere else in Cheshire for that matter one of the challenges and worries is the beautiful British weather! talking of weather, I covered a wedding a fortnight ago in Southampton where the temperature touched 90 degrees the couple had to swap heaters for air conditioning units in their marquee.

So if I’m booked as a Mottram Hall Wedding Photographer I will prepare for all eventualities as I always do, but hopefully the umbrella and raincoat won’t be required, having said that some of the more interesting shots are achieved with dark cloudy skies.

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