Knutsford Wedding Photographer

Just received an enquiry for a Knutsford Wedding Photographer the couple are getting married next year with their reception at the Belle Epoque restaurant in the town centre, having lived in Knutsford for 3 years I know the town well and there are some fantastic locations nearby that lend themselves for some intimate bride and groom shots.

As a Wedding Photographer in Knutsford or anywhere else for that matter this time of year becomes quite hectic and more so this year than any other, my email and phone hasn’t stopped with enquiries. It’s a good job I’ve sourced some fantastic new albums, they look amazing and allow me to capture and show the story of each wedding I cover.

If I’m booked as a Knutsford Wedding Photographer I will be using my second shooter, I now always work with a additional photographer as this allows us both to capture everything and everyone during the course of the day. I suppose as much as I’m booked as a photographer, I also become the official storyteller of the wedding.

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