Female Wedding Photographer Cheshire

Having worked as a Female Wedding Photographer in Cheshire for the last 20 years I still find it amusing when working at a wedding with my male assistant, the majority assume he is the lead photographer and I’m there to carry the bags! Having said that there are lots of benefits of being a female photographer.

I always maintain the most important person at a wedding is undoubtedly is the bride and being a Wedding Photographer who is female, I always look to create a strong bond with the bride on her big day. When I’m taking pre-wedding shots either at the brides home or hotel room, I think it’s a lot easier for a woman to be part of the wedding preparations than a man.

As a Female Wedding Photographer, I can also relate to being a bride, the nerves, the worries and everything else that goes with a girl’s big day, not only do I call on my own personal experience, I also use 20 years experience of working with models in the fashion industry and make sure I get the very best out of the person in front of the lens.

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