Wedding Photographer Macclesfield

Just finished a wonderful relaxing weekend not as a Wedding Photographer in Macclesfield but as one of the few weekends I now have free, I decided to take advantage of the warmest weekend of the year so far. We had friends round watched the Grand National and enjoyed a lovely barbecue.

Any couple choosing to get married this weekend, probably couldn’t believe their luck as the weather would have been perfect for a Macclesfield Wedding Photographer. I decided to relax at home this weekend as next Saturday/Sunday I have weddings booked on both days.

The Saturday wedding is local for a Wedding Photographer in Macclesfield, the service is at Poynton Church with the reception at the Deanwater Hotel in nearby Woodford. The Sunday wedding is in Manchester city centre with the reception at a popular Italian restaurant in Manchester. If the weather is half as good as this weekend, we’ll have a great couple of days.

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