Wedding Photographer Atherton

Just received a enquiry as Wedding Photographer Atherton which was a pleasant surprise as most of my bookings are in Cheshire, however that’s not to say I don’t work in other areas. I have a wedding in London next month, along with Southamptom and even Normandy in France later this year.

I suppose that’s the beauty of being an Atherton Wedding Photographer I’m not tied down to working in one place, unlike my Fashion & Commercial work which is predominantly down within my Manchester studio, the reception for the Atherton wedding is at The Last Drop Village in Bolton, where I’ve worked before and would love to work again.

As a Wedding Photographer Atherton, there are also some fantastic locations nearby to the Church and would look forward to shooting using the Lancashire countryside as a backdrop rather than the regular Cheshire countryside. As I’m unfamilar with the area, as with all of my shoots I will visit the area beforehand to find suitable shoot locations, ensuring I get that perfect shot.

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