Coronation St Wedding

I couldn’t help but notice there has been a glut of Coronation St Weddings recently with the double wedding on Friday night’s episode. I’ve often if I was employed as a soap wedding photographer it would probably keep me in work throughout the year.

It may seem quite appealing to cover a wedding on Coronation St, however when you think back to most of the weddings on the street very few run smoothly and a number don’t even make it to exchanging the vows. I can’t think of any wedding I’ve covered where the happy couple don’t make it through the vows, sometimes tears of joy delay the service, but that’s about it.

I haven’t taken any shots of a Coronation St Wedding, however I have worked with a number of actors from the show on magazine shoots, from Martin Hancock (Spider) to Adam Rickett (Nick Tilsley) both of who were semi naked. In fact Adam’s shot was highlighted by Graham Norton on his TV Show, I did offer to do the same for Mr Norton, but he graciously declined.

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