Wedding Photographer Macclesfield

As a Wedding Photographer in Macclesfield I’ve noticed that Spring is definitely in the air, as I walked into town today, I noticed Daffodils sprouting and the sun shining made it feel that we have seen the back of Winter. I took a nice long walk through Macclesfield Forest with my dog Henry and had a fantastic time enjoying the sunshine and scenery.

I’m often asked are most of my bookings taken as a Macclesfield Wedding Photographer? In actual fact I only have a couple of confirmed booking for Macclesfield so far this year, but I expect that to increase over the next couple of months.

There seems to be an increasing amount of Wedding Photographer’s in Macclesfield and generally throughout the UK. I always welcome competition and the fact that I have been in business for 20 years with my own Studio in Manchester, I’m confident my work stand up against the competition.

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