Bridal Fashion Photography

I just received an enquiry for day’s shoot for Bridal Fashion Photography although I’m getting busy with wedding bookings, it’s always nice to go back to my roots working on fashion based bridal shoot. It’s completely different to an actual wedding the only people I need to concentrate on are the models and not forgetting the client of course!

I have used some of the shots from my last Bridal Fashion Photography shoot in Congleton on my website, when I used a local farmer’s prize winning Shire horses along with the stunning Cheshire countryside, I was able to capture some memorable shots, that the client used to promote their new website.

With a Bridal Fashion Photography shoot you have the benefit and luxury of having a professional team behind you, wether it’s the make-up artist or the stylist, the team allows me to concentrate on what I’m payed to do and that’s getting the “right shot”

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