Alderley Edge Wedding Photographer

Just received an enquiry for an Alderley Edge Wedding Photographer the couple are getting married in Wilmslow and are holding their reception in nearby Alderley Edge at the bride’s parents home with a marquee in the garden. I always enjoy working at someone’s home everyone always seems to be more relaxed and less formal.

I’ve worked as a Wedding Photographer in Alderley Edge on a number of occasions, last year I did a winter wedding with some intimate shots taken at the Edge in Alderley overlooking the magnificent Cheshire countryside. It always nice working so close to home for weddings and in the last couple of weeks I’ve had a number of enquiries close to home.

As an Alderley Edge Wedding Photographer I have a number of preferred locations aside from reception venues, one of my favourite spots are the woods near to The Wizard restaurant, which are close enough to most Alderley locations and far enough away from the general public.

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