Tatton Park Wedding Photographer

I just confirmed a booking in July as a Tatton Park Wedding Photographer, the couple in question have booked me for the full day, starting at the church just outside Knutsford and finishing at their reception at Cottons Hotel, Knutsford.

I have worked as a Wedding Photographer in Tatton Park on a number of occasions and the couple in question have decided to make use of the grounds at Tatton for some of their group and intimate shots, one of my favourite locations is by the lake near the Knutsford entrance, I can’t wait!

I’m busy most of this week, mainly with wedding meetings at my studio in Manchester and a commercial shoot at the end of the week in London, I have a team working with me in London, where I will be working in centre of London, afar cry from being a Tatton Park Wedding Photographer!

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