Wedding Photographer Macclesfield

Just received an enquiry for a couple getting married in Vegas next year, as a Wedding Photographer in Macclesfieldthis would probably the furthest I will have travelled for a job, having visited Las Vegas a couple of years I would love the opportunity to use the likes of The Belliago fountains as a backdrop for the happy couple.

A bit nearer to home I was eating at my favourite restaurant in Macclesfield on Friday night, where I met one of the organizers for the Macclesfield market who informed me of the plans for an ice rink in the town this Christmas, as a Macclesfield Wedding Photographer I think is fantastic idea to bring new trade to my home town.

I was disappointed the negative press this week directed at Jason Manford, it seems in this country as soon as anyone has some success the tabloid press seem intent on finding something negative to say about them, this Wedding Photographer in Macclesfield remembers shooting Jason’s big day at Shrigley Hall and he was polite, courteous and great fun.

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