Wedding Photographer Macclesfield

Just confirmed another wedding booking for next year in sunny Hampshire! as a Wedding Photographer in Macclesfield most of my weddings are in Cheshire and throughout the North West, however I’m taking an increasing amount of bookings throughout the UK.

I have busy week coming up with a couple of Wedding meetings planned in Macclesfield and a commercial shoot for Quality Street at my Manchester studio on Wednesday, the brief is for the 75th anniversary of Quality Street chocolates, the costumes are being hired from London and are all original items and my client is the artist Rob Hefferan who will paint from my photographs.

As the dust has settled following Robbie Williams recent wedding, I started reminiscing over the Back for Good shoot at Elstree studios when I shot the stills for Take That, I was wondering wether this Macclesfield Wedding Photographer would get the call for his wedding shots? unfortunately the phone never rang, which was a blessing, as I already had a wedding on that day!

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